About Us

Welcome to ABS Pottery Imports Limited, Specialist Supplier to the Trade of Authentic Terracotta Cookware, Kitchenware & Serveware.
A Brand of terracotta that, for the las 30 years, has been sold exclusively to the Trade. We are delighted that you can now buy these high-quality products directly.
ABS Pottery Imports Limited is a specialist supplier to the trade of authentic, high quality, terracotta cookware, Kitchenware & Serveware... All of our products are sourced from Europe and all conform to current British and European standards and legislation.
ABS Pottery Imports Limited was established in 1989 and is now one of the largest specialist importers of terracotta in the UK, products are distributed through Independent Retailers, Department Stores, Online and through numerous Catering Distributors.

The Versatility of Terracotta
ABS Pottery Imports has specialized in the distribution of Terracotta Products for nearly 30 years, they are natural products made from clay and are quite unique. They are wonderfully tactile; have excellent heat retention qualities and you don't need to use much heat. Best of all the more you use it the more 'cured' it will become and better it gets.

Terracotta Cookware is manufactured and fired in a way that enables it to be used directly over a gas flame or on an electric hob, it can be used in all types of ovens, microwaves and its brilliant on BBQs. All of the products are dishwasher safe and virtually non-stick; you just soak them in hot water and they wipe clean.

Value for Money

Not only is terracotta one of the most versatile cooking mediums it is also excellent value for money, for example you can do just about anything with Terracotta that you can do with cast iron - at about a third of the price.

Packaging & Delivery

We are extremely customer friendly and make a point of being able to deliver from stock, usually within 3-5 working days. We recycle as much of our packaging material as possible, while we try to us as little plastic as possible, we will continue to use bubble wrap until a suitable non plastic alternative is available.